Youth Exchange “Ancient Crafts in Contemporary Light”

Priority is given to young people who are facing social, economic or geographic obstacles. Each organization should select 4 participants (2 of them should be facing social, economic or geographic obstacles) + 1 group leader. Here are some important dates that we would like all partners to follow: Deadline for selection of participants- 29th of February 2016 Deadline for purchasing the ticket(s)- 9th of March 2016

About the Youth Exchange
– The ancient crafts are cultural richness of every nation, which
today are often neglected or at best become a tourist attraction.
– Through the project is intended to emphasize the importance of
ancient crafts and to reflect it in contemporary life.
– During the project, the ancient crafts will be dealt through a
potential business perspective.
– Young people will be able to acquire theoretical and practical
knowledge in business and gain insight into their own and other
countries ancient craft heritage.

Name games, get to know each other, ice-breaking, energizers
and team-building activities, workshops, presentations,
simulation games, work in groups and individual work,
discussions, outdoor activities.
Participants of the project will be actively involved in the
preparation and implementation of the Youth Exchange.

The organizers
Association „Youth center of Karsava municipality „Puga” is one of
the most active youth organizations in Latgale region. We strongly
believe that youth is the future of sustainable development of every
country. We are interested in making our Karsava district as an
attractive place to live, to grow up, to work and have a family.
The main activities of „Puga” are: different youth active leisure time
activities, training and workshops in entrepreneurship, actions for
environmental conservation and many others.
Also we try to comment, give our ideas and say what we think about
development of Karsava district and decisions which make Karsava

The partners
Name of the organization Country Participants Group Leaders
Karsavas novada jauniesu centrs
Youth Mix Armenia
ADVIT Europe without Borders Moldova
Mano Sakiai Lithuania
All-Ukrainian Association for Youth
Cooperation Alternative-V
Youth For the World Georgia

Profile of the participants
– Interested and motivated to participate in the YE.
– 18- 30 years old.
– Good command of English.
– Interested in entrepreneurship and/or ancient crafts.
– Are facing social, economic or geographic obstacles.
– Residents of one of the participating countries – Armenia,
Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia.
– Available for the whole duration of the Youth Exchange.

Important dates and places
Arrival day- 11th May
Departure day- 20th May
Deadline for selection of participants- 29th February 2016
Deadline for purchasing the ticket(s)- 9th of March 2016
Venue- Latvia, Ludza district, complex “Cirmas lakeshore”
During the whole project time participants will be hosted and
catering ensured in the rest complex “Cirmas lakeshore”

Projektą įgyvendina asociacija „Mano Šakiai”.